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Buckeye Mail: "This account does not have an Outlook Web App mailbox"

Some users of Buckeye Mail are reporting the following error after logging in:

This account does not have an Outlook Web App mailbox.

The user name and password you entered isn't associated with your e-mail account at Outlook.com. To access this account, sign out and then sign back in using the Windows Live ID provided by your administrator

This is typically the result of being signed into another Microsoft e-mail service, such as Hotmail, MSN, etc.

To fix this, go to http://login.live.com and click on Sign Out in the upper right corner.

If Sign Out is not an option, try clicking Sign In with Another E-mail Address instead.

After doing so, you should be able to login at http://buckeyemail.osu.edu

  • Record Number: 4260
  • Create Date: 2009-12-02
  • Last Reviewed: 01-11-2010

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